I work mainly with painting, drawing, video and poetry, while using existing materials. Anonymous photographs, wooden boards, metal plaques or glass plates found in the street become paintings platforms, and deserted spaces function as locations for video works. By manipulating and pushing the borders of these in-between,liminal spaces, I grant them a kind of renewed visibility.


The images appearing in the paintings and drawings are often based on figures and scenes from found photographs. These images are de-contextualize, and are often surrounded by empty spaces. I am interested in the absence or vacuous, in the floating image.This appears in the video works as well, which often present figures in a kind of endless waiting; performing minimal gestures, or standing completely still as in "tableau vivant". The place and time construct the frame, in which body-space relations are often investigated through painterly compositions. The figures, in continuation to their fluid gender, almost dissolve into the space. The narrative is obscure; only few objects and leftovers hint to an occurrence that is long gone. Unlike my drawings and paintings, that are made on platforms found during processes of urban derive, the video works are formed while lingering in abandoned spaces.


The poetry element manifests in large scale site specific installations, in which the words become drawings. I use my hand writing as material, and the poem’s draft, filled with changes and deletions, as an image. The emotional process of creative writing remains exposed, unlike the usual printed and clean appearance of poetry. When exhibited in public spaces, such as a bar’s restrooms, the works are exposed to their viewers’ additions and changes, much like graffiti.

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